Internships & Trainings

Our Career Advancement Program offers university students, recent graduates and young professionals the opportunity to Intern or Train.

These structured and guided training programs offer the chance for cultural immersion in the professional development in a specific academic or occupational field.

The main purpose of this exchange visitor program is to foster global understanding through educational and cultural exchanges.

Program Options

We provide two (2) program options:

Self-Placement (SP) program: Participants arrange their own Intern or Trainee placement with us. Once a training/internship opportunity has been secured, we work with the participant to get their experience in the start up.

Full-Placement (FP) program: We assist participants in finding anIntern or Trainee placement .We work with the participant throughout the placement process .

Intern and Trainee positions are typically in the following occupational fields:

  • Business, Management, Commerce & Finance

  • Hospitality & Tourism (including culinary arts)

  • Information Technology & Computer Science