We Make Recruitment Simple & 10x Faster

Be a smart employer and do not waste your productive hours in searching the candidates. We provide you the next-gen staffing platform where you can float your job and we will get you the suitable candidates with our crowdsource recruitment where several freelance recruiters and recruitment agencies work in parallel to find the best candidate in the required domain.

We believe in building stronger teams by offering quality candidates through a tech-driven solution that engages a large pool of independent recruitment agencies to source candidates with specified skillset. Every candidate has to go through a stringent filtering process and is validated by our experienced recruitment team.

Join our 10x faster recruitment process that reduces your hiring process by 50% and give you efficient results.

Recruitment Marketplace

Searching for the right candidate is never easy. We provide marketplace for recruiters to find right talent pool at much faster pace through crowdsource recruiting. Our candidate search follows application of a rigorous methodology, and a comprehensive screening to find an individual who is not only skilled but is also the right culture fit for your organization.

An intense assessment of candidate is carried out for various experiences, knowledge and behavioral traits for job function management and future potential. We work closely with our clients to identify their needs to ensure that the best possible candidate is chosen and successfully placed.

Leadership Hiring

Our team of specialised recruiters in recruiting top management of the company makes us one of the best CXOs hiring firm. We extensively study the client requirement and source best fit profile for the top management role. We aggregate the top CXOs hiring companies from pan India to speed up the hiring process by 10x.

Multiple recruitment agencies specialised in hiring top executive of the company works in parallel to find right fit for the company with us a SPOC. Profiles received from multiple sources goes for the second level of screening. With our multiple level of screening process, best fit profile is finally showcased for interview rounds.