4 keys for the successful team work

Putting together a great team may seem like a simple task. Hire the best individuals and there you go! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that in the real world because making a group of different people work together in harmony is in fact a very difficult task.There area certain key elements to it. Below you can find 4 of them.

Eligibility Criteria for Employers & Jobseekers

Job Seekers:

  1. Any person of age 24 and over who has been unemployed/inactive for the previous 6 months;

  2. Any person of age 24 and over who has been unemployed for the previous 12 months during which he/she participated in a traineeship with the applicant undertaking;

Why Training & Development is important

What is the importance of training in the workplace? Better training leads to better processes and Better Work. In today’s ever-changing marketplace, the importance of job training has never been greater. Workforce training is an indispensable way to keep your organization competitive. Employees are human, most will have weaknesses or gaps in their professional skills.

6 Reasons Why Blogging Is Important to Your Brand

As a marketer, you always need to be on top of trends and adjust to the ever-changing marketing landscape. One part of marketing that has been consistent over the last several years, but has changed quite a bit in strategy, is blogging. Blogging is a critical element for any business.

Report Abuse

Do you know anyone engaged in undeclared work? It is in your own interest to report people whom you think are charging money on behalf of us.

How to Know You Have Chosen the Right Career

How many times have you questioned yourself about the career choice you made? Every time you had a bad day at work or one of your friends boasted of his salary and a flashy lifestyle, you fall into a vicious cycle of depressing thoughts, wishing you had a better career or job. However, there also must be days when it feels like it’s the best job in the world. In such a lopsided situation, how are you supposed to know that you have chosen the right career? This post discusses the same.